The Church of Droskar

Church of Droskar

Though most Golarion scholars believe him to be dead, Droskar’s church is the primary faith of the duergar, and in his name they churn out arms and armor for various conflicts deep under the surface. He teaches that repetitive work leads to improved skill, and that if you push yourself far enough, you will achieve greatness. Those who toil and still fail in this endeavor are either not working hard enough or aren’t putting their heart into their work. He believes in using slave labor to allow craftsmen to focus on the creative aspects of work without worrying about minor details; slaves also provide convenient scapegoats when output doesn’t measure up to the expected standards.

Priests of Droskar are able to craft weak sorts of magic arms and armor without the Item Creation feat, but they are of inferior quality and cannot be improved thereafter. Among the faithful there is strong competition, as one who manages to create something exceptional or innovative must beware a rival or superior stealing it or taking credit for the achievement.

Goal: Spread the Faith

Drosker’s priests try to increase the influence of their churches.

Convert new followers and retain existing ones. The more worshipers Droskar has, the greater his ability to influence events for the benefit of worshipper. Since Droskar wants sincere devotion rather than mere lip service, priests tend to emphasize some primary benefit of joining to potential converts.

Eliminate enemies and rivals. When the carrot of conversion fails, Droskar’s priests must resort to the stick. Of course, not every priest dreams of holy war; many simply deny non-believers the full benefits offered to the faithful. Where possible, they also use political and social power to make life more difficult for “infidels.”

Promote the god’s areas of interest. As a Droskar’s particular sphere of influence grows in power, people tend to take greater heed of his followers. This effect inspires Droskar’s churches to find ways to highlight hiss interests. Education plays a role, explaining the Droskar’s role within the cosmos, but many priests also try to help things along by engineering situations in which people must pray for divine intercession.


Joining is a simple matter of professing faith in Droskar. Some churches require a ritual to demonstrate devotion to Droskar, such as a baptism, fast, service, or donation of wealth. Others are elected to join through slavery – often to pay a debt to society.

Gaining Prestige

Quests, services, and donations that help the spread the influence of Droskar increase a character’s prestige with the church.


Droskar’s faithful can draw upon not only the devotion and support of their fellow worshipers but also, under the right circumstances, actual miracles and other sorts of divine intervention. As the faithful gain prestige, they earn titles denoting their rank within their church. Each church may offer some of the standard services at a discounted rate once a character achieves a certain amount of prestige.

5 TPA, variable CPA

Purchase a magical service from the following list: desecrate (1 CPA, 24 hours duration), unhallow (3 CPA plus 3 CPA per level of the spell to be included in the area), heroes’ feast (4 CPA), imbue with spell ability (1 CPA), speak with dead (1 CPA, members of the faith only, one question per caster level).

10 TPA

Demand a minor favor from any member of the church whose level is lower than the character’s level. Minor favors never put the member in direct danger but may entail the expenditure of up to 10 gp worth of goods or 1 weeks’ worth of services (including lost income due to the believer taking time off, though not an actual cash offering to the character) for a series of activities. Generally, the character can call upon only one favor at any given time; exerting this privilege more than once during any given month costs 1 CPA for each additional favor. However, at the discretion of the GM, the character could call upon many believers to perform a very similar service so long as the gp cost does not exceed the total of the favor (such as asking many craftsmen to help build a temple for a week for free).

10 TPA, 1+ CPA

Inspire other members of the church with great zeal, allowing them to exceed their normal limitations. The character can affect a number of people (including herself) equal to her character level times the number of CPA expended (so a 6th-level character spending 5 CPA can inspire 30 members of the faith). The character decides if the affected targets gain a morale bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, or skill and ability checks. The bonus is equal to the character’s TPA divided by 10 and lasts for 1 minute.

10 TPA, 3 CPA

Gain the title of Acolyte and gain the assistance of a specialist (any NPC member of the church with a class level equal to half the character’s level) for 1 week.

10 TPA, 10 CPA, Acolyte

Gain the title of Priest or Priestess and gain the assistance of a master specialist (any NPC with a class level equal to the PC’s level) for 1 week.

15 TPA

Spend CPA to influence, bargain with, or reward outsiders serving Droskar (such as those called by a planar ally spell) at a superior rate. When dealing with such creatures, each CPA is treated as 500 gp instead of the standard 375 gp.

20 TPA

Purchase magic armor, weapons, or other items from the church at a 10% discount.

20 TPA, 1 CPA

Gain a +6 bonus on one skill check that directly relates to Droskar’s interests (at the GM’s discretion). This bonus does not stack with the +4 bonus on one check listed on page 55. At 40 TPA, the bonus increases to +8, and at 60 TPA, it increases to +10.

20 TPA, 3 CPA, Priest or Priestess

Gain the title High Priest or High Priestess and gain the temporary service of an outsider (NE) of up to 12 HD as if using planar ally. The character must negotiate and pay for the outsider’s service, though he can spend CPA to have his order pay the price for the service. If the character is a poor negotiator, he can pay 1 CPA to hire a charismatic advocate to argue on his behalf.

30 TPA, variable CPA

Receive the benefit of a helpful spell while acting in Droskar’s interests. The cost of this divine intervention is the base CPA cost of the spell plus 15; the reward never costs an additional amount based on whether or not the character is outside an area where other members of the church could help him. The reward is immediate and can prevent the character from dying. Some GMs may restrict this to once per level or even once per campaign.

The Church of Droskar

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