Into the Darklands

Second Letter to Lavatha

Adventure Log of Brokkr Ironhand

My Dearest Lavatha,

We have arrived at the second sentry post on the main road. Meaning we are about 10 miles outside of the capital city. We were sneak attacked by some derro. Stupid and insane people they are.. attacking a fully armed party such as we. We were harmed a little by their crazy magic attacks, but we were overwhelmingly triumphant.

It is what happened immediately after that, is what caused one of the soldiers to fall in combat. The derro was hunting us, but they were in turn being hunted by a basilisk. That basilisk struck down one of the soldiers that was with us. Bless her heart, the divine power of Ulara calmed the beast and it retreated before anyone else came to harm.

So rest assured, I am okay. We are all okay, minus one. I will keep you updated as much as I can along this journey.

As always – with love,


Brendon_Mize Brendon_Mize

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