The Gray Disciples

Gray Disciples

For centuries, secret cells of monk warriors have silently gathered to mold their brothers and sisters into perfect warriors. Although their martial art forms are diverse, the clans of the Duergar are united by their single-minded dedication to the perfection of their individual crafts, as well as to a secret purpose: preparing for a hidden war yet to come. Although originating in Hagegraf, the Gray Disciples silently spread throughout Nar-voth, and now, a millennium later, are slowly building a quiet presence on the surface.

Goal: Martial Arts Mastery

In a time long before prophecy was shattered across Golarion, a group of duergar called the Gray visited the ancient monastery of Hagegraf. The Aspect of Droskar explained to the monks that their people’s survival would one day turn on their ability to produce an army of perfect warriors. But the duergar would have many generations to prepare their army, and the Aspect taught the monks the eight Signs of Ending so they would recognize the coming battle as it drew near.

In response, the members of Gray dispersed, each member seeking to plant the seeds to build the perfect army. A thousand years later, their diverse visions have evolved into the Gray Disciples, a federation of hidden clans, each secretly training for war—a war they know little about except the signs of its beginning.

Alignment: LN

Because of the Gray Disciple’s relentless dedication to training, non-lawful martial artists are frequently unable to maintain the rigorous discipline demanded by membership.

Some clans follow traditions of both honor and self-sacrifice in their pursuit of perfection, gravitating to the neutral alignment axis. A few cells, however, are devoted to the perfection of naked warfare itself, eliminating all concepts of mercy or restraint. These lawful evil clans remain members in good standing, despite the constant friction this inevitably causes with the Gray Disciples at large.


The current Gray Disciple monks are the present-day inheritors the original monastery visited by the Aspect of Droskar. Although he is rarely seen in person, the Gray Disciples has an unquestioned leader: Grandmaster Horgar Hammerhead (LN male duergar monk 20). A veteran warrior, the venerable Grandmaster is said to travel abroad, secretly testing his warriors. Those individuals the Grandmaster deems perfect receive the highest honor of the Gray Disciples; he places such warriors into an ageless stasis so that they will be ready to emerge along with their perfect brothers and sisters when the eighth Sign of Ending at last manifests.

Good Class Choices: Cleric, Fighter, Monk

Challenging Class Choices: Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Paladin, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard


Although the Gray Disciples have representation in most duergar settlements, the main headquarters is located in their capital city of Hagegraf.


The order only accepts those willing to set aside—at least temporarily—their weapons and spells to learn the perfect art of unarmed combat. Only characters with natural attacks or the Improved Unarmed Strike feat are allowed to train with the Gray Disciples.

Gaining Prestige

A character who remains true to the goals of the faction gains 1 PA every time he gains a monk level. He also gains 1 PA every time he chooses the Extra Ki feat or learns a feat that enhances his unarmed strikes, such as Deflect Arrows, Improved Grapple, Scorpion Style, or Weapon Focus (unarmed strike).


While the training regiments of the Gray Disciples are demanding, membership in a secret cross-continental society of martial artists has its benefits. Rewards that require study must take place at a Gray Disciple stronghold; multi-week periods of study can take place in 1-week increments rather than all at once.

5 TPA, 1 CPA

Gain the honorific “Hammer” title as a prefix to the character’s name. Among the Gray Disciples, the honorific title signifies respect for a fellow warrior. The starting attitude for any member toward him is at worst unfriendly.

5 TPA, 2 CPA

Learn the Glaring Basilisk stance, which grants a +1 bonus on Fortitude and Reflex saves. Learning this stance requires 1 week of study.

10 TPA, 3 CPA, Hammer

Gain the service of a junior monk (whose class level is equal to half the PC’s level) for 1 week. This monk is an assistant and student for the character and will fight to defend him, but the monk is not willing to fight to the death. If the character spends at least 1 hour per day training this student (combat while adventuring does not count as training) and the student survives the week, the next time the character visits a Gray Disciple stronghold he regains 1 CPA for this service (this benefit does not affect his TPA).

10 TPA, 3 CPA

Learn the Creative Claw stance, which grants a +1 bonus to CMB. Learning this stance requires 2 weeks of study.

10 TPA, 3 CPA

Learn the Dance of the Derro. When using the withdraw action, the character treats his second square as not being threatened by opponents he can see (in addition to the square the character starts in). Learning this stance requires 3 weeks of study.

10 TPA, 3 CPA

Learn the Poison Toad stance, which grants a +1 bonus to CMD. Learning this stance requires 2 weeks of study.

10 TPA, 5 CPA

Learn the Hands Like Sparks stance, which grants a +1 dodge bonus to AC. Learning this stance requires 2 weeks of study.

10 TPA, 10 CPA

Add Exotic Weapon Proficiency to the character’s list of monk bonus feats.

15 TPA, 1 CPA

Learn the Perching Spider stance, which grants a +2 bonus on initiative checks (this stance is only effective if the character is using it before combat starts). Learning this stance requires 1 week of study.

15 TPA, 5 CPA

Learn the Wing of the Beetle stance, which adds +4 damage on the character’s next single attack. Learning this stance requires 3 weeks of study.

20 TPA, 1 CPA, Earth Glide (Su)

Gain the ability to use Earth Glide to travel to a specific Gray Disciple stronghold by spending 6 ki points. The monk designates the target location by meditating at that location for 1 hour. He can have only one designated target stronghold at a time. Members of the faction call this ability “the infinite glide.”

20 TPA, 2 CPA

Gain the honorific “Anvil” before the character’s name. The honorific denotes authority and is reserved for those with an accomplished level of mastery. A Gray Disciple Anvil gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks made to influence monks and those who respect the wisdom and skill of their order.

20 TPA, 5 CPA

Enhance the character’s wholeness of body ability; the character can spend 3 ki points to heal himself a number of hit points equal to 2 times his monk level.

25 TPA, 1 CPA

Become eligible to select the Ki Diversity feat as a regular feat or monk bonus feat (this benefit requires an available feat slot).

30 TPA

Purchase a ki crystal at a 10% discount.

30 TPA, 3 CPA, Anvil

Gain the honorific “Master” title before the character’s name. The honorific title is a significant expression of respect and enlightenment. A Gray Disciple Master gains an additional +2 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks made to influence monks and those who respect the wisdom and skill of their order (this bonus stacks with the Anvil bonus) and a +2 bonus on one Knowledge skill of his choice.

40 TPA, 5 CPA, Master

Learn how to craft ki crystals.


The Gray Disciples

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