Droskar (Pronounced DROH-skar)


Titles: The Dark Smith, Master of the Dark Furnace
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Toil, Slavery and Cheating
Worshippers: Dwarves, Duergar
Domains: Artifice, Charm, Darkness, Evil, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Light Hammer

Droskar is a dwarven deity with a very limited following among the surface-dwelling races. He believes that sufficient toil leads to eventual success, and that those who fail simply weren’t trying hard enough. In the pursuit of this goal, Droskar believes that one should be free to do whatever is necessary to accomplish one’s goal, even if that includes lying, cheating, the exploitation of others, or even worse crimes. His symbol is a stone arch with a fire burning beneath it.



Originally one of the greatest student smiths of Torag, it was discovered that he had been copying his work from others whom he had enslaved. For this he was cursed by the Father of Creation to never be able to create an original work and cast from the pantheon. Rejected, he searched for followers of his own, promising them salvation in return for ceaseless work or simply enslaving them. None of these helped him, however, or inspired any originality within the god.

Droskar’s following began as a reaction against the bon vivant trends that pervaded the dwarven society of their day, instating a dreadful dogma of salvation through endless toil and brutal subservience to the Dark Smith, as Droskar was often called. The dwarves became slaves to their own industry, producing heaps of weapons, armor, and gear to appease their dark god. The wilderness around them was fed to Droskar’s fires of industry, until the dwarves choked on their own black fumes and starved in the dust.

Droskar once held promise as the greatest of Torag’s students. Day after day he labored at the forge, and the designs he produced brought wonder and delight to all who beheld them. Droskar’s greed for power and respect outstripped his good sense, though, and Torag soon uncovered the truth: Droskar’s works were copies. He had kidnapped, imprisoned, and tortured a talented smith for the designs that garnered so much admiration. Torag’s wrath was great, but rather than slay Droskar outright, he cast the cheat out of his kingdom and cursed him to struggle forever in a fruitless quest to produce an original work. Droskar recruited worshipers by promising salvation in return for ceaseless toil, or enslaved them and forced them to labor, but his followers could not inspire Droskar to originality. His presence gradually faded from Golarion, and while most scholars believe him dead, certain ruined temple forges still carry whispered prayers inside their halls.

Though most Golarion scholars believe him to be dead, Droskar’s church is the primary faith of the duergar, and in his name they churn out arms and armor for various conflicts deep under the surface. He teaches that repetitive work leads to improved skill, and that if you push yourself far enough, you will achieve greatness. Those who toil and still fail in this endeavor are either not working hard enough or aren’t putting their heart into their work. He believes in using slave labor to allow craftsmen to focus on the creative aspects of work without worrying about minor details; slaves also provide convenient scapegoats when output doesn’t measure up to the expected standards. Among the faithful there is strong competition, as one who manages to create something exceptional or innovative must beware a rival or superior stealing it or taking credit for the achievement.


The god’s followers have declined on the surface of Golarion over the millennia,but it is below its surface that his teachings have spread. Droskar is the dominant religion of the Darklands-dwelling race of dwarves known as the duergar. The rise of this new religion also saw the first appearance of a new undead monster associated with such endless toil: the forge spurned.


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