Tag: Location


  • Narvoth


    Nar-Voth (pronounced nar-VOTH) is the uppermost region of the Darklands, loosely defined as descending from the surface of Golarion to a depth of about 2000 feet. This region consists of countless interconnected cave …

  • Sekamina


    Sekamina (pronounced seh-kah-MY-nah) is the middle realm of the Darklands, below the shallow tunnels of Nar-Voth, and more well-known than deep Orv. This region consists of vast and seemingly unending underground …

  • Orv


    Orv (pronounced ORV) is the deepest of the three layers that compose Golarion's vast underground Darklands. It is the most mysterious and isolated part of the Darklands, and consists of dozens of immense enchanted chambers …