Tag: Faction


  • The Gray Disciples

    Gray Disciples

    For centuries, secret cells of monk warriors have silently gathered to mold their brothers and sisters into perfect warriors. Although their martial art forms are diverse, the clans of the Duergar are united by …

  • The Seventh Battalion

    Seventh Battalion

    The foes of duergar are many. Besieged throughout history as they have been, it is inevitable that from time to time, despite the best of defenses, a duergar clan is wiped out and its few survivors scattered. …

  • The Pathfinder Society

    Pathfinder Society

    The Pathfinder Society has existed for more than 400 years. Members include treasure hunters, explorers, tomb raiders, historians, and vagabonds, and they roam the farthest reaches of the world seeking lost …

  • The Church of Droskar

    Church of Droskar

    Though most Golarion scholars believe him to be dead, Droskar’s church is the primary faith of the duergar, and in his name they churn out arms and armor for various conflicts deep under the surface. He …

  • The Church of the Gravedigger

    Church of the Gravedigger

    Members of the Church of the Gravedigger infiltrate the Darklands and the surface world with gifts and honeyed words among wealthy and wretched alike, protecting their members from retribution with …

  • The Dark Iron Brotherhood

    Dark Iron Brotherhood

    For centuries, duergar crafters have made arms and armor. By the guidance of the [[Droskar | Dark Smith]], and the defense of the [[Duergar | duergar]] people, crafters have had an unspoken brotherhood and …